Perfect Reflection - The Omaha "Cliche Shot"
Omaha, Nebraska - Photo Taken Summer 2009
Shipping Notes:
Free Shipping on all loose prints.  Allow 1 to 2 weeks for Loose Prints
Free Delivery in the Omaha Metro Area on all framed prints.  Allow 2 to 4
weeks for Framed Prints
Email me to discuss Out of Town Framed orders.  
Printing Notes:
All prints are now made on High Quality, Light Sensitive, Fuji
Photographic Paper.   The Light sensitive paper means that is actually
printed with light like a photograph use to be printed with film.  Below
are the manufacturers description of the 4 types of photo papers I now

Fuji Matte
Fuji's Crystal Archive paper in a traditional matte photo paper finish
Fuji Gloss
Fuji's Crystal Archive paper in a traditional gloss photo paper finish. Fuji
Gloss is free from the deglossing and other drawbacks of inkjet gloss
Fuji Pearl
Fuji Pearl paper brings the characteristics of this rare gem to your
photographic prints. Similar to "metallic" prints, Fuji Pearl brings the
luster and depth of mother-of-pearl to your prints, with natural mica and
metal oxides impregnated in the paper. It creates a look unlike
traditional photo papers, which increases its impact on viewers.
Fuji SuperGloss
SuperGloss uses a unique polyester base that give it an incredible
gloss and creates a depth and dimensionality that has to be seen to be
believed. This depth helps SuperGloss prints reflect more light which
makes them more brilliant than other papers, and the colors are deeper
and richer than even Pearl or Metallic papers.
Framing Notes:
Professionally Framed in a 1.5" Black Frame, Double Matted in Neutral
Colored Mattes, Dry Mounted and Includes Regular Glass.
Super Gloss