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Omaha, NE
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A photo of me showing off one of my photos
in the Omaha Chamber of Commerce
I learned photography using film cameras (35mm, Medium Format,
and 4X5 Large Format).  Learning on film was an awesome exposure
that I am really glad I got to experience.  There is nothing like
spending time in the darkroom exposing your print a seeing your
image appear before you in the developer.  
I was born and raised right here in
Omaha.  I became interested in
Photography during my senior year at
Westside High School.  After graduation I
decide to continue studying photography
in college.  During college my interests
changed and ended up working towards
a degree in drafting.
After a nearly ten year break, I started
to get the urge to pick up photography
again and I have loved every second of
it.  I work full time as a Civil
Engineering Tech and keep the
Photography limited to only things I
enjoy.  To me, photography is an Art
and I don't have a lot of desire to shoot
photos just to make a buck.
Today I only shoot digital photos.  
While playing around in the dark room
is way more fun than sitting at a
computer, the time and expense just
doesn't make it worth it.  My weapon of
choice today is a Canon 5D mk 1.  The
camera has worked great for several
year, but I will probably upgrade in the
next year or so... Lets see what Canon
comes out with next!
My Brad Williams Photography Page at the
"Buy the Big O Show"
My approach towards photography is (A)
you look at my website, you really see me
and what I like.  My biggest interests are
Omaha, Buildings, Trains, Wildlife, Sports,
and of course Food and Drink!  
I look at photography with a completely
open mind.  Taking every art class I
could during High school and College, I
have a great appreciation for all kinds of
art.  One of the first thing is learned
about photography was what does the
word "Photography" mean.  Break the
word in half.  "Photo" & "Graphy"  
From the Greek word "phos" which means "light".
Represents something written or represented in the specified
Put it to together and you get "Writing with Light"
Next time you look at some
Artist/Photographer's photo, don't think
of it as just a picture made with a little
device, rather think of it as a painting
created using light instead of paint.  Most
photographers don't just walk out and
snap a shot and called it a day, we spend
hours thinking, planning, testing and
waiting for just the perfect light.  There
are a lot of days we go home empty
handed, but when we get that one shot
that really knocks your socks off, it
makes all the time and effort worth it!
Photo by Josh Warrender
If you want to call it "Fine Art", great, if not, I don't mind as long as
you got enjoyment out of it.  I don't really get tripped up over the
details, I really enjoy what I do, and so far, I have been really lucky
that lots of other people seem to enjoy it too!  

Thanks for Checking out my website, If you have not "liked" the
facebook page, feel free to "like" it.  Its a great way to see the new
photos as soon as the come out and its also a great opportunity to
tell me how much you love or hate that photo!  

Thanks Again!

My Amazing Wife Dana and I
This Press Pass
belonged to my Great
Grandfather Lloyd
Williams who was a
photographer in
Hastings, NE and even
has a photo in the
Hastings Museum.
A photo of me on the Field
at TD Ameritrade Park
Omaha after Creighton
won the Missouri Valley
Championship. Photo by
Adam Streur
A photo of me in the
Helicopter photographing
Rosenblatt Stadium.
Photo by
Adam Streur
This is my typical setup at
outdoor art fairs.
A photo of me on the on
the field after just
photographing the final
CWS game at Rosenblatt
Stadium. Photo by
A photo of me at center
court after a Jays Game at
Century Link Center
Omaha. Photo by
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