Harvest Moon

Custer County, Nebraska

I was so excited to get out to the Sandhills that I forgot the Harvest Moon that night.  I came up over a ridge and noticed a bright glow off in the distance and thought whats that?  Moments later the first sliver of the moon came up.  I raced to the next windmill that was standing proud on the horizon.  I grabbed my large lens and darted up another hill until the moon and the windmill were lined up.  I had about 2 min to get this photo before the moment was over.  If I had to do it all over again, I would be set up and waiting for the moon-rise and not making a mad dash.

Some people ask if photos like this are fake, which is a good question because there are many fake moon photos out there.  However this one is real, the moon really was that big.  Its really very simple, grab your longest lens, at least 400mm, get closer to 800mm if you can.  Be ready to shoot right at sunset on a full moon night, or even the night before full moon.  Find a subject like this windmill that is a long ways off in the distance.  The compression of the scene will make the moon look much larger than if you were to shoot it with a short lens.  I prefer the silhouette technique as it makes for a much more realistic looking photo.  You can do a similar shot with a new moon as well, the critical part to shooting the moon is to get it right at sunset when its sitting right on the horizon. Photo © copyright by Brad Williams.

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