About Brad Williams

The Short Story:
I am an Omaha, NE based Photographer who loves to photograph Landscapes, Cityscapes, Architecture, Wildlife, and Railroads. I strive to show every subject in its best light.

The Long Story:
I was born and raised in Omaha, NE.  As my senior year approached at Westside High School I needed one more class for fill out my schedule.  I took about every art and architecture class the school offered except for photography, so I gave photography a shot.  After graduation, I decide to continue studying photography in college.  The photography course work in college was heavy on portrait photography and I wasn’t interested in portrait photography this led me to pursue other opportunities.  

After almost ten years, I really wanted to get back in photography again.  I went out one afternoon and purchased a new Canon Digital Camera, and the rest is history.

I work full time as a Civil Engineering Tech. and photography is an ever growing small business.  It would be great to be a full time Photographer some day, I have chosen to grow my business slow and steady through quality work and long lasting relationships.

I learned photography using film cameras (35mm, Medium Format, and 4X5 Large Format).  Learning on film was an awesome exposure that I am really glad I was able to experience.  Spending time in the darkroom exposing a print, seeing your image appear before you in the developer is like no other. Today I shoot digital photos.  While playing around in the dark room is more enjoyable than sitting at a computer, the time and expense just doesn't make it worth it.  My weapon of choice today is a Canon 5D mk3. It is my third digital camera I since going all digital.

I have an appreciation for art of all kinds. I look at photography with a completely open mind. Through my studies one of the first thing is learned was the meaning of the word "Photography".  Break the word in half.  "Photo" & "Graphy"

From the Greek word "phos" which means "light".
Represents something written or represented in the specified manner.

Put it to together and you get "Writing with Light"

Next time you look at an Artist/Photographer's photo, don't think of it as just a picture made with a littledevice, rather think of it as a painting created using light instead of paint.  

Most photographers don't just head out, snap a shot and call it a day, we spend hours thinking, planning, testing and waiting for just the perfect light.  There are a lot of days we go home empty handed, but when we get that one shot that really knocks your socks off, it makes all the time and effort worth it!

A lot of photographers brand themselves as “Fine Art Photography” and people often ask me if mine is “Fine Art”.  By the technical definition, a lot of what is displayed here on the website would be considered “Fine Art Photography” but I also do a lot of commission work for commercial clients.  Fine Art Photography is photography done to fulfill the creative vision of the artists and not a commercial commission.  You can call it whatever you want, my hope is that you get enjoyment out of seeing my work.

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